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Early Head Start

Early Head Start Wichita Falls: Empowering children and families through education. We desire that every family, regardless of socioeconomic status, have access to an effective early childhood educational program.

Early Head Start provides early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income infants and toddlers and their families, and pregnant women and their families.


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Program Information

The final report to Congress presents complete findings from our seven-year national evaluation of Early Head Start. The findings show that the program promotes learning and the parenting that supports it within the first three years of life. Participating children perform significantly better in cognitive, language, and social-emotional development than their peers who do not participate. The program also had important impacts on many aspects of parenting and the home environment, and supported parents' progress toward economic self-sufficiency.

What is Early Head Start and is my child eligible?
Early Head Start is a free, comprehensive program offering information and support to families with pregnant women, infants and toddler. Staff and families work together to create opportunities to promote healthy beginnings, nurture, and optimize the development of infants and toddlers. Our program also serves infants and toddlers with special needs both at center based and home-based levels.
At the time of application, families must:

  • Be expecting a baby or have a child less than three years of age.
  • Be a Foster Parent
  • Be Homeless 
  • Meet Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Receive Social Supplemental Income or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (SSI/TANF)
  • Be willing to participate in Early Head Start (EHS) activities.

Goals of Early Head Start

  • To promote and support breastfeeding.
  • To enhance the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of infants and toddlers.
  • To support parents as the most important and ongoing teachers and nurturers of their children.
  • To enhance the bond between parents and their infants or toddlers and to promote positive interactions.
  • To offer activities and support for fathers/significant male caregivers. To assist parents in developing strategies and support networks to achieve their goals.

Our program provides the following services for families:

  • Continuity of Care
  • Parent Involvement
  • Low Pupil to Teacher Ratio
  • Disability Services
  • Health Services
  • Nurturing Care
  • Social Services
  • And More!

If you are interested in the Early Head Start program and believe that you may qualify, please come by our office and bring the following information:

  1. Income Verificiation (Income Tax Return/Check Stubs/Child Support/Social Security)
  2. Child's Birth Certificate
  3. Child's Medicaid or Private Insurance Information
  4. Child's Mos Recent Shot Record
  5. Copy of TANF and SSI income, if you receive it
  6. Copy of Admission to school, if parent(s) attend school
  7. Copy of grant award, if parent(s) received to attend school
  8. Copy of any other income, such as unemployment, VA check, etc.

Choose the application you need to begin:

Child Application

Pregnant Mom Application

Aplicación para Niños

Aplicación para Las Mujeres Embarazadas