North Texas Parent and Child Development, Inc.

Early Head Start

We are a non-profit organization empowering children and families through education. EHS provides early, continuous, intensive and comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income pregnant mothers, infants and toddlers of Wichita County at no cost to families. 


Your financial contribution allows our program to provide child development services to over one hundred low income families each year. Thank you for your support!

Policy Council

The Policy Council is the "CONGRESS" of Early Head Start. It is set up so that parents can learn and understand operations of the program. In each Early Head Start class, parents elect one representative and one alternate to represent them at Policy Council. 

What does the Policy Council do:

  • Gets information, helps plan, discusses, then approves or disapproves:
    1. The program proposal (how the program will operate)
    2. The program budget
    3. The recruitment and training plans
  • The personnel policies, hiring and firing of Head Start staff
  • Has direct responsibility for the annual On Site Program Review
  • Develops and approves the Policy Council budget using the funds allocated by the program for PC activities. These funds are generally used for parent education, center committee activities, and council expenses.


What do Policy Council Representatives do:

  • Attend all PC meetings.
  • Votes on all PC business
  • Attends parent committee meetings at the Center
  • Reports PC information to the parents at their Parent Committee Meeting monthly.
  • Reports center concerns and activities to the PC.
  • Keeps the alternate informed.
  • If unable to attend, informs the alternate so he/she knows to attend the meeting. The delegate and the alternate may attend together.

Who attends Policy Council?

  • Parents elected from each Early Head Start class
  • All Early Head Start parents are eligible to attend each meeting.
  • Community Representatives - usually past Early Head Start parents and community organization representative who are interested in the program and are voted in by council members



Who runs Policy Council?

The Early Head Start parents elect officers annually. The offices are: Chairperson, Vice Chairs, Secretary, and Parliamentarian. The officers terms run from election date which is in September to the following August.


How involved must I be?

By attending the scheduled meetings monthly, sub committee meetings and any other call meetings, as well as being a decision maker. Monthly meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month at Luby's cafeteria beginning at noon.

Why should I be involved?

Parents are the first educators of their children and Policy Council will enable you to know what your child is doing, who is working around your child, and you will help this program be the best it can be!